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Stoner PORTAL 2.0 Gift Box

Stoner PORTAL 2.0 Gift Box

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The Perfect Stoner PORTAL 2.0 Gift Box

Contents (Please note some items may vary based on inventory):

1x Small Rolling Tray
1x 6"-7" Sherlock Glass Pipe
1x Grinder
2x Natty Hemp Wraps
1x Lighter


GRINDER: Get the most mileage out of your stuff! Having a quality, multi-chamber grinder is one of the best tools for achieving this. Ideally, you want to go with something that has sharp teeth for easy grinding and a mesh screen for collecting as much of that goodness as possible!

WATER PIPE: Gives you a smooth, unfiltered hit that reaches your lungs instantly, giving you powerful effects within seconds.

ROLLING TRAY: Keep it all clean and organized on one tray!

***Please feel free to reach out if you would like to add something or like to see additional items included!

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