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Stoner MOO MOO Gift Box

Stoner MOO MOO Gift Box

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The Perfect Stoner MOO MOO Gift Box

Contents (Please note some items may vary based on inventory):

1x 4"-5" Glass Pipe
1x Rolling Machine
1x Grinder
1x Small Rolling Tray w/ Magnetic Lid (5"x7")


WEEDGET SILICONE FILTER: Designed to enhance smoking pleasure, this game-changing patented Weedgets Tic-Toke best joint filter tips with a washable screen inside eliminate harsh smoke and protect your lungs. Simply plug and smoke your joint or add these filter tips to your favorite pipe or one-hitter to experience clean and smooth smoke.

ROLLING PAPERS: Nothing beats a good pull on a nicely rolled joint. It's a skill every stoner should have, to be able to produce a one in some form or another. Roll 'em from scratch or use a pre-rolled cone... its all about preference

CONES: For those who do not want to roll or learn. Just fill the cone and you are ready to go.

HEMP WRAPS: Perfect for those conscientious about their bodies but still want that oh-so-satisfying blunt wrap flavor and feel. Unlike regular tobacco-based wraps, natural hemp wraps are 100% nicotine-free and completely non-addictive.

GRINDER: Get the most mileage out of your stuff! Having a quality, multi-chamber grinder is one of the best tools for achieving this. Ideally, you want to go with something that has sharp teeth for easy grinding and a mesh screen for collecting as much of that goodness as possible!

ROLLING TRAY: Keep it all clean and organized on one tray!

*** Please feel free to reach out if you would like to add something or like to see additional items included!

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