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Stoner JASON Gift Box

Stoner JASON Gift Box

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The Perfect Stoner JASON Gift Box!!

Contents (Please note some items may vary based on inventory):

1x Black Small Rolling Tray (5" x 7")
1x Jason Glow in the dark - 53MM Smokezilla Grinder
2x RAW Classic Black 1 1/4 Size Natural Unrefined Ultra Thin Rolling Papers
2x RAW Classic Black King Size Slim Natural Unrefined Ultra Thin
2x RAW Classic Black Filter tips pack
2x Joint Tubes
1x FLKR LYTR (will very in color/design)
1x Lighter


ROLLING PAPERS: Nothing beats a good pull on a nicely rolled joint. It's a skill every stoner should have, to be able to produce a one in some form or another. Roll 'em from scratch or use a pre-rolled cone... its all about preference

***Please feel free to reach out if you would like to add something or like to see additional items included!

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